Arthur E. Rousse Family
Championship Golf Tournament
of the World

Overview of the Tourney

Where it all began - the approach to the 6th at
Northfield Country Club, Vermont.

Six guys. A friendly match to establish family "bragging rights" on a local patch of grass - Ed Rousse, Joe Rousse, Phil Rousse, Leon Rousse, Jim Toler, and Gardner Walker.

That was 1963 ...

Thus began the Arther E. Rousse Family Tourney, which continues to grow as our family does.

The tournament today consists of two 18-hole rounds, held annually in September. In order to compete, players must either be a direct descendent of Arther Rousse, married to a direct descendent, or have been determined to be honorary family by the Board of Rulers. After the 1st round, the family gathers for a picnic and reunion. The Champ chooses the venue for the following year, and hosts the picnic.

Bragging rights ...